Chair of Physics

The Chair of Physics has a long research tradition in the fields of nanostructured functional materials, surface science, and electrical transport in semiconductors. Examples of actual core research topics include nanoporous materials for energy storage, surface nanostructures and two-dimensional electronics . The key competences are in advanced experimental nanostructure characterization (X-ray and neutron scattering, scanning probe microscopy) and fabrication (nanoporous carbons, 2D heterostacks, and organic nanostructures). Members of the Institute regularly conduct experiments at international large-scale research facilities for synchrotron radiation or neutrons.
Teaching duties of the Chair include basic physics courses for all Bachelor study programs and advanced courses on materials for electronics and physics of functional materials for Bachelor and Master programs in Materials Science .




Dr. Aleksandar Matkovic-Optical properties of crystalline solids-Habilitation Lecture

Physik Hörsaal
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Inauguration event: New Avenues for the Functionalization and Characterization of Nanocarbons

With the help of the Strategic Core Research Area (SCoReA+) Hydrogen & Carbon of the Rectorate, the Chair of Physics and the Chair of Functional Materials and Materials Systems have set up new core laboratories for the functionalization and characterization of carbon materials.

Current research activities include the thermal-, thermochemical- and plasmachemical modification of carbons and their comprehensive characterization. The official inauguration event on July 3rd which was co-organized by Oskar Paris,  Sebastian Stock, Nikolaos Kostoglou, and Christian Mitterer, welcomed approximately 50 participants, including research groups from Montanuniversität Leoben and Prof. Valeska Tings' group from the University of Bristol (UK). The inauguration event featured guided laboratory tours showcasing the new infrastructure, along with engaging presentations that provided a platform for discussing current scientific challenges towards the applications of nanocarbons for energy storage.

ERC Starting Grant for Dr. Aleksandar Matkovic

Dr. Aleksandar Matkovic is one of this years awardees of a prestigious Starting grant issued by the European Research Council. Via this grant, Dr Matkovic and his research team work on novel functional 2D insulators, and interfaces for neuromorphic computing.

Best Student Talk Award to Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Stock

Sebastian Stock, PhD student at the Department of Physics, received the award for the best student talk at the symposium "Neutron Scattering Enabled Energy Materials Design" at the 50th MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit in San Francisco. In the award-winning talk, Sebastian Stock presented his research results on "In Situ Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study of Hydrogen Physisorption in Nanoporous Carbons". His work demonstrates the potential of neutron scattering techniques in the study of hydrogen physisorption in nanoporous carbon materials. The in-situ measurements of hydrogen physisorption at the atomic level help to better understand the behavior of hydrogen in nanopores and improve the performance and efficiency of hydrogen storage.