The Chair of Physics teachesbasic physics courses for all Bachelor study programs at the MUL. This includes lectures, exercises and lab within the first two study years, followed by more advanced courses such as, for example,  physical metrology lab. Besides basic Physics, we are strongly associated with the Master program Materials Science, where we particularly serve the “Materials for Electronics and Physics of functional Materials” elective subject catalogue since now more than 35 years.


The Chair of Physics offers Bachelor-, Master- and PhD topics for Materials Science and AMASE students. You can find open positions in one of our groups: SyNergy_Mat,  SPMG, and 2D_Mat_Lab


If you are interested to join as a student worker; either as a tutor in lab courses or joining one of the research groups (only Master students!), please contact us here!


We also organize courses related to large-scale neutron and synchrotron facilities such as a course with a visit and possible own experiments at the synchrotron radiation source ELETTRA in Trieste, or a biannual Winter School and Symposium on neutron and synchrotron radiation  in an Austrian skiing resort. If you are interested please contact Oskar Paris or Rainer Lechner