Large-Scale Research Facilities

Even though modern X-ray diffraction- and Small-angle X-ray scattering laboratory instruments are really powerful today, many experiments cannot be done in the lab. For instance if they need very good time resolution (Milliseconds to seconds) or micrometer or nanometer sized beams, synchrotron radiation is mandatory. Other experiments may need special contrast variation techniques only possible with neutrons or with anomalous X-ray scattering. This is why a large number of our experiments are currently done at large-scale research facilities, such as ELETTRA in Trieste, ESRF in Grenoble or FRM II in Munich.

Members of the institute perform typically 5-6 experiments at international large-scale research facilities every year. A large amount of the scientific output of the Institute is related to measurements done at these facilities.

For additional Information see:
Websites: European Synchrotron and FEL User Organisation, wayforlight
Brochures: Synchrotron Radiation Research in Austria, Think Big ÖAW

We also offer a hands-on practical training to Master- and PhD students embedded into the Materials Science Master Curriculum of the Montanuniversität (in cooperation with the TU Graz). This course takes place annually at the synchrotron radiation facility Elettra in Trieste and provides students an overview about the possibilities and advantages of synchrotron radiation.

We also organize a biannual school & symposium (NESY Winterschool) with introductory tutorials, contributed scientific talks, topical highlight lectures and a poster session. This event is now held since 1999 and gives graduate students and young scientists just starting to work in this field the opportunity to learn from experts, exchange experiences and present their work. For more information see:






Vacuum tube at ID02 (ESRF)

Experimental hall ESRF

Experimental setup for in-situ SAXS at ID02 (ESRF)

Experimental setup for in-situ SAXS at the Austro-SAXS beamline (ELETTRA)