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New paper published in Nature Communications on parameters determining charge storage mechanisms in nanoporous supercapacitors

To improve the performance of supercapacitors, a mechanistic understanding of ion electrosorption is required. In this work we identify parameters like salt concentration, charging velocity or cell design, controlling mechanisms of ion charge storage. Moreover, we show that charging initially leads to a non-equilibrium ion configuration even at extremely low cycling speed, followed by an increase of the total ion concentration, i.e. a charge-neutral equilibration.

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Inside Front Cover in Advanced Materials !

The impact of the paper on "3D colloidal supercrystals" is further illustrated by the fact that is was selected as Inside Front Cover in Volume 30, Issue 32, August 9, 2018 of Advanced Materials

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New paper on “3D colloidal supercrystals” is published online in Advanced Materials

In this study three Austrian Universities the TU Graz, the Univ. Wien led by the MU Leoben worked together to reveal the supercrystal structure of free standing 3D colloidal supercrystals by combining in-situ synchrotron SAXS experiments at ELETTRA with simulations.

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Paper on "domain orientation" published in Scientific Reports

In a recently published article in Scientific Reports a method to reconstruct the piezoelectric domain orientation distribution function of device-ready polycrystalline lead zirconate titanate (PZT) is presented.

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Fonda-Fasella 2017 award to Christian Prehal

For his important contribution to the understanding of ion behavior in supercapacitors, Dr. Christian Prehal was awarded with the Fonda-Fasella prize.

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Online lecture on "Characterisation of Nanocrystals for Optics and Energy Storage"

Watch the online lecture about the use of X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS) on Nanostructures

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Revealing Stress Gradients in Semiconductor Heterostructures

A research Team from the MU Leoben (Schmidt Institute of Material Physics and Institute of Physics) and Infineon Technologies Austria AG published a paper on "Stress Gradients in Semiconductor Heterostructures" in Applied Physics Letters (APL)

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Mapping the Atomistic Structure of Colloidal Nanocrystals

Two research teams from the Laboratory for Nanoelectronics (ETH Zurich) and the Institute of Physics (MU Leoben) revealed the atomistic structure and shape of graded core/shell nanocrystals.

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Paper on “materials farming” published in Science

Scientists from Germany, Israel and Austria have demonstrated for the first time the growth of cotton fibers with integrated fluorescence or magnetism. Physicists from the Institute of Physics at MU Leoben confirmed with X-ray scattering that these functionalities are directly incorporated into the cellulose fibers.

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Probing charge transfer between molecular semiconductors and graphene

Recently published article in Scientific Reports reveals that the integer charge transfer is the main mechanism behind the band alignment at the interface between graphene and organic semiconductors.

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Nanoporous Activated Carbon Cloth: a versatile material for energy storage

Scientists from 6 different countries (including scientists form the Chair of Functional Materials and Materials Systems and the Institute of Physics; MU Leoben) investigated the use of nanoporous activated carbon cloth as a material for hydrogen adsorption, selective gas separation and electrochemical energy storage was investigated.

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New paper about electrosorption induced electrode swelling

In a new paper published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces we reveal the impact of micropores on the swelling behavior of carbon based supercapacitor electrodes.

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New paper published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP)

A detailed technical description of the recently published in situ SAXS and atomistic modeling approach is given in this paper. In addition an alternative strategy to derive pore size distributions from ex situ SAXS measurements and novel aspects regarding ion kinetics in nanoporous carbon supercapacitors are presented.

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10th European NESY Winterschool & Symposium

The institute of Physics organised again the “10th European NESY Winterschool & Symposium on Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation“, which took place from March 6 to 10 in Altausse, Austria. The NESY-winterschool is one of the most important platforms for the Austrian NESY-community using Europe’s large scale research facilities for research projects.

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Combined in situ scattering and modelling approach published in Nature Energy

A synergistic in situ scattering and atomistic modelling approach enabled the quantification of local ion rearrangement and partial ion desolvation during charging and discharging a nanoporous carbon based supercapacitor.

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