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Institute of Physics

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A-8700 Leoben Austria

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E-Mail: markus.kratzer(at)

Since 2015 Senior Lecturer, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria

Research Interests

  • Properties and modifications of Graphene  and other 2D material substrates
  • Organic thin film growth and organic electronics
  • Electrical and photoelectric properties of nanostructures
  • Scanning Probe based characterization techniques for morphological and physical property investigations of organic and inorganic semiconductor nanostructures (conductive atomic force microscopy (C-AFM), photoconductive atomic force microscopy (PC-AFM), Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM), photo-assisted Kelvin probe force microscopy (PA-KPFM). magnetic force microscopy (MFM), piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM), photo-induced Force Microscopy (PiFM)
  • Dynamics of adsorption and desorption, Surface reactions
  • Ultrahigh Vacuum Physic,  Hot Wall Epitaxy,



51 publications in reviewed journals (ISI h-index 16; 674 citations), over 35 oral and 30 poster contributions at conferences and workshops.

Selected invited talks:

-Organic thin film growth on graphene and other 2D materials, EMN Meeting, 2016, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

-Exploring organic thin film growth on modified TiO2, NATO ARW in Lviv 2015, Ukraine.

- Modification of Graphene: a case study, Joint Annual meeting of the Austrian Physical Society and the Swiss Physical Society 2013, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Linz, AUT.

-Epitaxially grown highly ordered organic semiconductor crystallite networks on hexagonal boron nitride, EMRS Spring meeting 2018, Strasbourg, FRA

-Epitaxial growth of small organic semiconductor molecules on ultrathin materials, NANOMAT 2018, Vienna, AUT

-Seeing things smaller than permitted by light, opening speech at AYPT 2019, Leoben, AUT


Projects (Principal Investigator)

ÖAD WTZ Nr. UA 05/2013 Piezoelectric energy convertors based on vertically aligned nanocrystals: Fabrication and characterization of ordered nanorod arrays

ÖAD WTZ Nr UA 07/2015 Nanowire single crystal based organic.inorganic heterojunctions for photovoltaic and sensor applications

ÖAD WTZ Nr. PL 05/2014 Nanometerscale investigation of organic thin film ageing on SiO2, TiO2 and graphene

ÖAD WTZ Nr. PL 06/2016Controlled scanning probe based manipulation of organic thin films

ÖAD WTZ Nr. UA 06/2017Insight into the nanoscale arrangement of organic solar cells: the role of an AFM tip in probing of donor and acceptor domains.

ÖAD WTZ Nr. SRB 13/2018 Nanoscale electrical properties of van der Waals heterostructures composed of two-dimensional materials and organic semiconductors

ÖAD WTZ Nr. CZ 12/2021 In-situ and ex-situ investigations of organic semiconductor growth and properties on two-dimensional MoS2 van-der-Waals substrates


Best Poster Prize for Island shape anisotropy of organic thin films on ion-beam irradiated rippled substrates in Nanopatterning 2015 Workshop, Krakow, Poland

Best Poster Prize for Growth of para-hexaphenyl (6P) on silicon oxide by hot wall epitaxy in International workshop - In situ characterization of near-surface processes 2010, Eisenerz, Austria

Invitation to Design of the Cover Art of Applied Physics Letters Vol. 106 (10) March 2015.


Organizing activities:

    73rd  IUVSTA Workshop on Nanostructures on two-dimensional solids, Eisenerz (AUT) 2014

    71st Annual Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society ÖPG, Leoben (AUT) 2022

    International Symposium on Nanoscale Research, Leoben (AUT) 2021 (main organizer)

-Jury member: Austrian Young Physicist Tournament (AYPT)

-Reviewing activities:

Project Reviewer for ÖAD (Austrian Academic Exchange Service)

Peer Reviewer for: Applied Surface Science, Nature Communications, mdpi Nanomaterials, mdpi Materials, mdpi Catalysis, Surface and Coatings Technology, Physics Letters A, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, ACS Applied Nano Materials, ACS Applied Electronic MaterialsColoids and Surfaces, Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Langmuir, Asdvanced Materials, Journal of Physics, Scientific Reports, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Engineering, Nanoscale, Vacuum, European Physical Journal B