Dr. Igor Stankovic



Professional Preparation

07/1999           degree in electrical engineering (Dipl. ing.), University of Belgrade.
05/2004           dissertation (Dr.rer.nat.) in Theoretical Physics, Technical University Berlin, title: “Study of Interplay between Structure and Flow in Embedded-atom Systems”, supervisors: Prof. Dr. Siegried Hess and Prof. Dr. Martin Kröger.



1999-2005        Research Assistant, Institute of Theoretical Physics, TU Berlin.
2005-2009        Senior Simulation Engineer, Advanced Technology Division, Toyota Motor Europe (TME), Brussels, applied research projects.
2018                 visiting professor at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
2023                 Fulbright Fellow at the University of California, Merced
2023                 visiting professor at the University of Leoben, Austria
2009-today       Principal Research Fellow/Research Professor, Institute of Physics Belgrade, University of Belgrade.



2009-2012        Swiss Science Foundation SCOPES grant (co-applicant);
2013-2018        Management Committee member of COST Actions MP1305 “Flowing matter” and MP1303 “Understanding and Controlling Nano and Mesoscale Friction”;
2012-2019        Theory and Simulation sub-project leader - Nanostructured multifunctional 
materials & nanocomposites, III45018;
2015-2019        Leader of the theoretical work package on the Horizon 2020 project Designing Advanced Functionalities through controlled NanoElement integration in OXide thin films (DAFNEOX);
2009-today       Enterprise Europe Network technology transfer project advisor;
2018-2022        Leader of the research topic within the Centre for the Study of Complex Systems

Simulations of systems of nanoparticles, molecules, and 2d materials with long-range interactions;

2020-2025         Principal investigator of Horizon 2020 project ULtra ThIn MAgneto Thermal sEnsor-Ing (ULTIMATE-I) for the company/Institute of Physics spin-off Senzor Infiz.
2023-2027         Principal investigator of Horizon Europe project Bridging Models at Different Scales To Design New Generation Fuel Cells for Electrified Mobility (BLESSED).
2022-2027         Management Committee Member of Horizon Europe project European Network for the Mechanics of Matter at the Nano-Scale (MecaNano).


Ph.D. thesis mentor

2010 - 2017      Modeling and optimization of transport processes in modern nanoelectronic devices, Dr Milan Žeželj.
2014 - 2019       Modeling the behaviour of confined dipolar and ionic systems, Dr Miljan Dašić.
2023 -               Mateja Jovanović



Carlos Garcia, USM, Valparaiso, Chile;
Aleksandar Matković, University of Leoben, Austria;
Olivier Noel, Universite du Maine, France;
Konstantinos Gkagkas, Advanced Technology Division TME, Belgium;
Rene Messina, University of Loraine, France;
Martin Kroeger, ETHZ, Switzerland;
Radoš Gajić, Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia;
Gurvinder Sing, University of Sydney, Australia.

Publications: 34 publications (h-index 13, citations more than 550), 1 international patent

Awards & Honours

1993 Prize of City of Belgrade for the research project
1999 Award Best Student at the Department of Physical Electronics in 1999


Research fields of interest:

applications of High-Performance Computing to technical problems, modeling of friction (computational tribology), wear, ionic liquids, two-dimensional materials, and self-assembly of magnetic particles

Methods used include molecular dynamics computer simulation, particle methods, Monte Carlo method, optimization, and root-finding techniques.

Selected publications

1. M. Dašić, I. Stanković, and K. Gkagkas, Molecular dynamics investigation of the influence of the shape of the cation on the structure and lubrication properties of ionic liquids, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21, 4375-4386 (2019).
2. B. Vasić, I. Stanković, A. Matković, M. Kratzer, C. Ganser, R. Gajić, C. Teichert, Molecules on rails: friction anisotropy and preferential sliding directions of organic nanocrystallites on two-dimensional materials, Nanoscale 10, 18835-18845 (2018).
3. B. Vasić, A. Matković, R. Gajić, and I. Stanković, Wear properties of graphene edges probed by atomic force microscopy-based lateral manipulation, Carbon 107, 723-732 (2016).
4. I. Stanković, M. Dašić, J.A. Otálora, C. García, A platform for nanomagnetism-assembled ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic dipolar tubes, Nanoscale 11, 2521 (2019).
5. Ll. Balcells,  I. Stanković,  Z. Konstantinović,  A. Alagh,  V. Fuentes,  L. López-Mir,  Judit Oró,  N. Mestres,  C. García,  A. Pomar,  and  B. Martínez, Spontaneous in-flight assembly of magnetic nanoparticles into macroscopic chains,  Nanoscale 11, 14194 (2019).


Languages: Serbian (native), Spanish (learning), English, German, French