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Mo. 28. Juni 2021, 11:15 Uhr (via Zoom)

Dipl-Ing. Jakob A. Genser
Institut für Festkörperelektronik, TU Wien
“Silicene the 2D allotrope of silicon”

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Epitaxy of highly ordered organic semiconductor crystallite networks supported by hexagonal boron nitride

In a recently published article in Scientific Reports a mechnically exfoliated hexagonal boron nitride has been used as ultra-thin van der Waals dielectric substrate for the growth of organic semiconductor para-hexaphenyl (6P).

This study focuses on hexagonal boron nitride as an ultra-thin van der Waals dielectric substrate for the epitaxial growth of highly ordered crystalline networks of the organic semiconductor parahexaphenyl. Atomic force microscopy based morphology analysis combined with density functional theory simulations reveal their epitaxial relation. As a consequence, needle-like crystallites of parahexaphenyl grow with their long axes oriented five degrees off the hexagonal boron nitride zigzag directions. In addition, by tuning the deposition temperature and the thickness of hexagonal boron nitride, ordered networks of needle-like crystallites as long as several tens of micrometers can be obtained. A deeper understanding of the organic crystallites growth and ordering at ultra-thin van der Waals dielectric substrates will lead to grain boundary-free organic field effect devices, limited only by the intrinsic properties of the organic semiconductors.


Read the full paper here:  https://www.nature.com/articles/srep38519