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New paper on “3D colloidal supercrystals” is published online in Advanced Materials

In this study three Austrian Universities the TU Graz, the Univ. Wien led by the MU Leoben worked together to reveal the supercrystal structure of free standing 3D colloidal supercrystals by combining in-situ synchrotron SAXS experiments at ELETTRA with simulations.


The formation of micrometer sized colloidal supercrystals assembled from faceted 20 nm Bi nanocrystals is studied. The self-assembly, induced by non-solvent into solvent diffusion, is studied by in-situ synchrotron x-ray scattering combined with Monte Carlo simulations. A unique orientation phase of the building blocks is revealed: the nanocrystal shape induces 6 distinct global orientations within the cubic superlattice based on a parallel facet-to-facet alignment.



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